Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Fringe Festival 2016

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has begun!  For the next three weeks the city transforms into a hub of creativity as thousands of visitors from both home and abroad flock to Edinburgh.  Posters are appearing all over the city and flyers are being handed out to everyone and everything in sight.

Performers are out and about enticing prospective audiences, with even the bizarre not seeming out of place as costumes, props and even the occasional bath tub being paraded down the Royal Mile.

With over 56,266 performances of 3,269 shows from 48 countries in 294 venues across Edinburgh the Fringe remains as eclectic as ever.  Hosting a varied program including theatre, cabaret and variety, dance, circus, comedy, and opera the Fringe festival provides a fantastic opportunity for both first-time and professional performers. The largest Fringe Festival in the world Edinburgh provides an international stage for artists to share their stories and show what Scotland has to offer.

Venues are popping up all over the city with many new and exciting spaces being created for performances.  This year’s Fringe will see over 1,730 show premiers with something for both young and old alike.  If you’re on a budget don’t worry there are over 640 free shows on offer at this year’s Fringe as well as many more at the Free Fringe Festival.

So why not go and explore and find out what the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has to offer for 2016.

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