Andrew Ryan: Did You Get Here Alright?, Review

Assembly George Square Studios| £11/9 | 18:45
I’m not sure if it was part of his plan, but by forgetting what day it was introducing himself off stage Andrew Ryan instantly had the audience on his side helping him out. 
The Irish comic charms the audience, with talk of his home city and a retrospective of how he should have dealt with past hecklers. His show is as much a confessional as it is stand up, he talks openly about his lack of assets, the trials of getting a Right To Buy ISA and his struggle to find ‘true’ romance. He has some quite good musings on Brexit as he picks apart the arguments of two expat Brexit supporters.
My only grumble is that sometimes in rant mode he talks so fast you can’t make out what he’s saying and by the time you’ve caught up with a joke he’s already firing into the next one.