The Blues Brothers - Live, Review

Blues Brothers Live


C Scala (Venue 166)| Aug 3-­29 Not 26th | 22:20| £9.50-£13.50

If you’re looking for a great night out and you love 'The Blues Brothers' then this is a performance not to miss.

‘Jake’ and ‘Ellwood’ grab your attention with superb in character performances before launching into the opening number of “Gimme Some Lovin’”. Combining slickly choreographed dance routines with great singing, the classic hits keep on coming. Each song rhythmically flowing into the next, tied together by a plot line that enabled all the well know songs to be performed whilst not being implausible. Special mention must also go to Marcus Ayton for his great rendition of "The Old Landmark" and Melani Mordi’s outstanding performance of Aretha Franklin’s “Think”

Supported by an accomplished band who were also not overlooked, each member getting the chance to showcase their skills with solo segments. Whilst the venue selection with its high ceilings and large performance space combined with great lighting effects added to the sense of performance.

This show is a great tribute to a well-loved cult classic with a toe tapping infectious party atmosphere. By the end of the performance the audience were out of their seats dancing away, with several ending up on stage for the grand finale. 

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