Eejit of Love, Review


Greenside Venues Nicholson Square | Aug 11-­29| 17:20 18:30 19:40| £6 -9 

Eejit of Love is an entertaining family friendly adventure with unforgettable tunes.

This loveable cast takes you on a hilarious and sometimes eccentric journey into the murky world of showbiz. Providing entertainment for both young and old alike. With memorable musical numbers, a dastardly money scheming villain and an overprotective Irish Ma. This show will have you laughing from beginning to end.

A must see for families. Follow sweethearts Billy and Eileen on their Shmokey City adventure and let the characters draw you into their story.

Eejit of Love are performing at Greenside Venues Nicholson Square between the 11th-29th August (not 16th,23rd) At either 17:20, 18:30 or 19:40 day dependent

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