John Hastings: Audacity, Review

Pleasance Courtyard | £10.50 | 21:15
If you've been around town during the festival you won't have failed to notice John Hastings poster. Standing in only a pair of fetching blue pants and a sparkly wig. So when he arrived on stage in Bunker Two fully dressed I was slightly relieved. 
John gives us a Canadian eye view of the UK and the common questions and misconceptions that are fired his direction along with a tale of a enema (the content is varied). The soft spoken delivery lures you into a false sense of security as he fires jokes in under the radar sometimes leaving the audience to catch up. 
When John plays well off his audience he's at his best, with some of his improvised material during the performance I was in receiving the best laughs.There were a couple of misfires during my viewing but he’s definitely worth seeing.