Kieran Hodgson: Lance, Review


The Voodoo Rooms ​ | Aug 8-30 | 21:10 | £ FREE
Arriving on stage dressed for a cycle race (with a yellow jersey of course) Kieran Hodgson presents a host of characters from the next chapter of his own life story. Kieran plays all of the characters you meet including Rob a health and safety obsessed Scout leader and his friends in the bicycle club who all look up to (a not yet disgraced) Lance Armstrong.
This show is about Kieran’s own coming of age rather than a comedy show about Lance Armstrong. All the characters are well defined and the attached comments/internal monologue sections from Kieran are hilarious. The highlight for me was the over the top caricature of Lance himself appearing throughout to deliver motivational messages and ‘inspiring’ speeches. Other high points include a parody ‘Visit Yorkshire’ advert and a surprise musical number tempting Keiran to the delights of the South.
Kieran has bags of talent on display in Lance, his delivery is spot on throughout and his witty quips throughout make the show.
See Kieran Hodgson – Lance at the Voodoo Rooms during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 8th – 30th August. For more information visit
For fans of sci fi look out for the snuck in references through the show (you can hear Kieran chat about them here