LOTTO: Karma of the Alchemist, Review


Assembly George Square Studios (Venue17)| Aug 6-­31|15:30| £13.00-£14.00 

A beautiful show full of slap stick comedy and clever magic tricks that will make you gasp.

This silent movie style production follows the adventures of three individuals as they try and achieve their dream of winning the lottery. Whilst the Alchemist with her time manipulating pocket watch tries to help them out. Providing many humorous moments and plenty of physical comedy.

The show contains a plethora of magic tricks that leave you laughing or gasping in awe. As well as expertly timed and cleverly choreographed slow motion fight scenes that enhance the comedic value of the performance. This combined with a great set and clever multimedia use helps transports you into this time traveling, family friendly performance.  

LOTTO Karma of the Alchemist, Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) between the 6th-31st  August. At 15:30 Find out more and get tickets here.