Macbeth, Review



C Venue (Venue 34)| Aug 3-­20| 16:35| £8.50-£12.50

TWIST Theatre Company perform a fresh adaptation of classic Shakespeare for the modern age. Set against the background of the London music industry, Macbeth murders and manipulates to dethrone Duncan King of Cawdor Record Company and be crowned the new C.E.O.

The musical numbers are the strongest point of this production clearly showcasing the ability of the cast. With the talent of Malika Cholwe as Lady M shining through in her soulful rendition of “Be a Man”. Whilst Dominique Florent-Lee, Shadale Grant and Kali Mc Loughlin provide a whole new take on the Three Witches and the iconic lines “Fair is Foul and foul is fair” incorporating them into a skilful R&B number. The rap skills of several of the characters are also on show updating traditional Shakespeare with cleverly written prose.

The effective use of physical theatre with carefully choreographed street dance routines, helps the audience envisage the more murky undertones behind the glitz and glamour of the record label industry. However, at times the use of a larger stage would have been more beneficial as the restricted space made the performance feel crowded and leaving the audience not sure if they were missing out on an important aspect.

The intersection of contemporary language into the traditional Shakespeare helped keep the storyline rooted in the modern era. A larger proportion of this would have been beneficial, as the switch between modern and Shakespearian prose confused the storyline progression and character development detracting from the overall production.

Nevertheless this contemporary take on Shakespeare Macbeth is a remarkably creative adaption of the original work. The production is filled with R&B and AfroBeat vibes and the energy and exuberance of the performers is emphasized especially in the musical numbers.

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