Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy, Review

Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy


Greenside, Nicolson Square (Venue 209)| Aug 5-­20| 15:00| £9.00-£11.00

David Leeson and Colin Alexander provide heartfelt moments of warmth and affection as they take the audience on a journey through the later years of Laurel and Hardy’s stage careers. Leeson and Alexander don’t attempt to recreate a direct impersonation of Laurel and Hardy on stage recognising that the magic that this comic duo had is hard to emulate. Instead the play is portrayed though the eyes of two stage hands that were present on Laurel and Hardy’s 1950 Tour of British Music Halls.

Reminiscing about the duos performances and reminding the audience of memorable routines including the Blue Ridge Mountains dance and musical renditions including “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine”. Thus providing the opportunity for both actors to play to their strengths. Alexander showcasing his notable singing skills through renditions of Hardy’s songs from the Deep South and Leeson keeping the laughs coming through quick witted humour.

The show reaches a poignant moving conclusion as the final years and eventual deaths of both Laurel and Hardy are portrayed. The fondness that both Leeson and Alexander have for the characters and the special bond that Laurel and Hardy had with each other shines through with honest profound emotion.

For anyone who has an interest in Laurel and Hardy this is a must see for this years Fringe.

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