Moira Clayton

Moira is the presenter of the popular 'Women on the Loose' show. After a few years of going solo with occasional guests, Moira has been joined on the programme by Margaret Hamilton who is a very welcome addition to the team. The show is broadcast every Wednesday from 2-4pm.

Join Moira and Margaret for two hours of chit chat with the latest fashion, gossip from the world of TV, cookery, horoscopes as well as a wide range of music. A special guest on well-being issues is Loretta Dunn. There are very few subjects that they won’t tackle taking into account the time of day.

Moira also presents ‘Monday Mix’ from 1pm to 4pm and a varied mix it is too. From a chill out music time as lunch-time ends we move into the ‘Community Works’ segment, followed by a recipe, local news and wow facts all interspersed with a variety of easy listening music. The last hour features three in a row from the musicals with information about the shows in the area that week.