EIFF: Svengali, Review

Rating: ****

Svengali tells the story of Dixie, a postman from South Wales, who has dreamed all his life of discovering a great band. One day, after searching through YouTube, he finds them.. 'The Premature Congratulations'. Dixie and his cheerful girlfriend Michelle move to London to manage the band. However, Dixie's dreams get in the way of reality as he embarks on a roller coaster ride through the music industry and he soon realizes what he wants.

The majority of the movie is filmed in the bright-lights of London, but surprisingly features scenes in Glasgow and Wales.

Svengali is one of the funniest British movies I've seen in ages. Both Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure make a terrific cast in this film. Their characters show humour, love, drama and willingness to succeed, which makes it stand out from other films screened at the festival.

It has also been nominated for the Michael Powell Award, a prize which honours the best British feature film.

The movie stars Bafta-winning Jonny Own and Vicky McClure, Martin Freeman, Roger Evans and is directed by John Hardwick.

Screening Dates:
Friday 21st June: 20:40 at Cineworld
Saturday 22nd June: 14:40 at Cineworld