Just These Please: Suitable, Review


Gilded Balloon, Tieviot| 12:15 | £9/8 |

At lunchtime during August you’ll normally find me somewhere trying to get a cheap sandwich meal deal that I can devour. It takes the promise of something special for me to break my routine (and ignore my rumbling stomach) Thankfully ‘Just These Please’ was well worth it.

The sketch quartet open at Gilded Balloon promising 25 hilarious sketches in 55 minutes and they deliver. They keep the speedy pace throughout the show with a party atmosphere dancing between scenes making you forget it’s only early afternoon.

The subject matter ranges from an interesting take on Scotland v England to gluten intolerance to singing Lothian Bus drivers. They never shy away from puns that will have you groaning and laughing at the same time (it’s no mean feat) 

If you have spare time on your lunch hour or are looking for the perfect start to your day at the Fringe then look no further than Just These Please.