Max and Ivan: The Reunion, Review

Rating: ★★★★
5-25th August @ The Pleasance Dome

Max and IvanThe duo takes over the Pleasance stage with an incredibly funny performance!

Max and Ivan are no strangers in coming up with ridiculously entertaining characters.

Last year I went to see this act at the Fringe, with a high recommendation, and since then I’ve been waiting to see more and more from them!

Their performance is fast, witty and bloody genius!

It’s exciting and entertaining to see the pair switch between different characters, following a story about them attending a school reunion. Each character is completely different in terms of accent and personality, but you really get to know each of them.

The pair selected somebody from the front row of the audience to bring on stage with them for some banter, which really added to the perfect performance.

If you’re looking for a show which is different, upbeat and amusing then you won't be disappointed with Max and Ivan!